Friday, November 8, 2013

50th Anniversary Party - Gold Gold and more Gold!

Meet Mom and Pops. Aren't they just adorable for being almost old people?  These two have raised 9 kids, lived in a Utah, California, Florida and Illinois and are leaving Monday to be missionaries for a year in Reno, Nevada. To celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary this year the sibs and I decided to throw them a farewell party to rival all farewell parties - and it was a blast!

First we sent out this invitation:

Having all my immediate family together is no small task, but they all flew out for the festivities a few days early and we crafted, baked, chalked and hung out. It couldn't have been a better weekend. Then when party time drew near all the sisters went into overdrive and helped get everything organized and decorated without a hitch. Thanks for all the help!

Photo Credits: Emily Smith & Robbie Collett

On the porch we had a sign-in tree made by my brother John. This thing is amazing. I sent him a picture of what I had in mind and he just took it the extra mile. Made out of wood and foam and spray painted branches from his own yard, this thing was stunning. Guests were asked to write well wishes on some tags that we decorated with glitter and washi tape (American Crafts). That glitter tape is amazing stuff and I am slowly bedazzling everything in sight with it.

Once the guests headed inside they had a chance to visit with the matron and patron of honor and then they preceded into the dining room to be fed. If there is one thing is this world the Smith Family loves-- food--and lots of it. Every event has loads of delicious goodies and we didn't want to disappoint seeing as Mom had thrown great parties like this for each one of us a time or two in our lives. So we baked and cooked and tossed and stirred and it all turned out fabulous.

For the food we served:

Pulled Pork on Homemade Rolls
Vegetable Platter with Dill Dip
Crackers and Spicy Jalapeno Dip
Orzo Salad with Feta
Bow-tie Salad with Broccoli
Shrimp Cocktail

Mom's Brownies with Glitter Sprinkles
Mom's English Toffee
Glitter dusted Meringues
Sarah's Shortbread Cookies
Glitter Dusted Sugar Cookies in the shapes of "5's" and "0's"
Grandma Boyd's Chocolate Pound Cake (the best ever)
Grandma Boyd's Coconut Cream Pie (with my own special alterations)

How could I not end on that cuteness!?

If you are interested in where I sourced the decor:
Tablecloth: Just an old un-hemmed swash of fabric from Ikea (to my mom's chagrin) $20
Serving Platters: Things we had on hand or bits and bobs I found at the thrift store.
Pedestal Frames: Ikea and spray painted with gold. $1
Flowers: Myself and Blooms by Brittney (my friend's new floral venture)
Pinwheels: DIY with American Crafts paper
Garlands: DIY tissue and crepe paper projects
Pumpkins: Pinea Farms
Food Fancies: Orsen Gygi

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