Monday, January 26, 2009

Grandma B

I heart graphic design and my Grandma B.

Her 90th (90 can you believe it??) is next week so I designed invitations for her birthday party. I bet everyone in Orlando will show. That woman is the most amazing, witty, crafty, handy, do-it-yourselfer, chef/beautiful person I know. She is still spry at 90 and has taught me more than I could ever say. I wish I could be there for the party but I am sure it will be kickin'. Anyways, I tried to mimic the stately classic woman that my grandmother is with a slightly modern twist for the design. Oh and damask is a beast to make up - believe me. Just don't try, next time I should buy a patterned brush or something...

I have been doing lots of graphic design lately. Mostly for this awesome start up company Style Paige LLC, and their new product Shailie. From logos, to stationary - catalog's to website, I have been a busy girl. I will throw up some of that design work soon, and a link to their site as soon as it is rolling. Pretty fun and exciting if you ask me.

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Laura said...

Nice invite! That's crazy your grandma is 90! You've got some good genes :)