Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gooey Gummy Geese

Here are a few sketches/spreads from my first children's book "Gooey Gummy Geese" written by Angela Holzer. Published this summer, stay tuned!


Jennifer said...

cool Ashley! Is this for an actual book!?! or is this for that personal job you told me about at the conference? That's awesome, you're style is perfect for childrens books! And these are great portfolio pieces!

Manelle said...

These are great. How are you marketing your stuff?

Ashley Smith said...

Jen--nope this isn't the personal project this is the other one I was telling you about, the series of three.

Manelle--I haven't been doing much (shame on me) just a few postcards but the projects I have now are just word of mouth. Oh and I got a book from the UVSC conference so that paid off.

Thanks for your comments!