Friday, January 11, 2008

New Year, New Website

So I know its been a bit since I last posted but between the holidays and headin' down to Cali to help out my big sis, I haven't had much time. To tell you the truth it has been great to take a break but I am ready to get back into the swing of things.

So ANNOUNCING...Art by Ashley is going to be seeing some big changes soon, my blog, website, and logo are all being revamped. I thought I would show you a sneak peak into a few designs for my new logo since, let's be honest, I don't trust my own judgement and could really use the feedback. It's not totally finale yet so if you have any suggestions feel free to critique! And look back soon for a finished and (hopefully) more polished site.


Manelle said...

I am not a graphic designer but I like the white one better, because without the dots its easier to read, and the leaf gives the "by" reason for being tilted.

Little Willow said...

The polka dots is more eye-catching and active, while retaining legible text.

Abbs said...

Personaly, I like the polka dots because it's more fun, and it seems more like you! I miss you over their! Love ya' Abby

Jennifer T. said...

I love the polka dots