Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My art showed up in Target one day...

Isn't it though?

So if you aren't already sick of me talking about seeing my artwork pop up in the ol' Tarjay well then sorry folks because I have to document it somewhere and especially if nothing else exciting happens to me in the next 10 years then I will definitely need a blogpost to look back on it in a "look I think I did something with my life once before I became old and boring" kind of way.

Anyways for the quick lowdown, about a year ago at my old place of employment DCWV I started a project with my Pam-boss that involved me doing whatever the heck I wanted for a possible typography endcap with the Target Home Decor department. It was a fun, torrid 2 weeks that I got to design some inspirational quotes/cute box-like typography solutions that I thought would probably not go anywhere but I still had high hopes. I never got to design anything that wasn't totally art directed there so it was a blessin' to just be let loose on a project.

So we sent them off to Target for review for which Target came back and asked for 10 more designs by the next morning. THE FREAKING NEXT MORNING. So I spent 4 hours on a blustery January morning bursting my design brain out and by some miracle sent them the remainder ideas by noon the next day. Which they loved! Woohoo! It still makes me tired just thinking about it.

So of the 30 or so designs they ended up picking 12 to go into all Target stores starting Dec 26th. Of course they picked some of my least favorites... why is it that the client always, always picks the cheesiest/plainest/fillerest design you include in the bunch? Oh well, no biggie, who cares when you get picked for Target?

Fast forward a very, very long year later to December 26th 2012. Christmas came and went and that's when the stalking began. Dragging husband to every Target Home Decor department along the Wasatch Front in hopes of catching a glimpse. 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, no luck. Husband began to believe Wife had made up this "my art is going to be in Target" thing. Then we just stopped looking cause meh, whatevs who cares anyways. Target probably nixed it. Then one day I just decided to look again for funsy.

And it was a very happy day. The End.