Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Photo Credit: Public Bikes
With the recent heart pounding, squeamish inducing, Joseph Gordon-Levitt swooning, and subsequent viewing of PREMIUM RUSH, the NYC bike messenger tale of heartache and woe, the Teacher and I have been discussing getting bikes. We live close to everything we need and feel terrible about our carbon footprint and want to do our part to lesson our emissions on the world.

The upcoming Frontrunner opening in Utah Valley, along with these AWESOME posters by Mother New York to encourage biking has got me ready to purchase.

Let's pause for a moment to appreciate the ingenuity:

// Found via Black Eiffel from Mother New York

Great right? So I am on the prowl for a great street bike. Not a racing bike, nor a cheesy beach cruiser but maybe something a little more sophisticated yet hardy for everyday wear and tear. Once the Front Runner opens I will be able to bike to the station (if I get up early enough) and bike from the station in Provo to work. How great does that sound?

Plus a basket and maybe a rack on back to take groceries home in would be so charming!

 Here are my out of my price range loves:

// Sources: Public, Public, and Velorbis

Anyone know of a great bike that doesn't cost a gagillion dollars? Preferably in a blush pink or pale minty green? I don't need much. :)

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Caytlyn said...

I gotta have that orange one!...or maybe a look alike for cheaper:)