Friday, August 24, 2012

New - Andrew Bird Tour Poster

Decided to take a stab at designing a tour poster for Andrew Bird. We went to see his concert last week with some friends (Thanks Annie! Best wedding present ever!) and I was inspired to create some Bird art. I still feel like it's not completely done but hey might as well post while I have the energy to do so. I started off in Photoshop, brought in text from Illustrator and some colored pencil drawings and texture.

Inspired by the song "Sifter"

sound is a wave like a wave on the ocean
moon plays the wave like a violin, pushing and pulling
from shore to shore, biggest melody you never heard before, no

what if i were the night sky? if i were the night sky

it's my lullaby to leave by

Me and the Teacher, tickety tickets, the always gorgeous sun-kissed Tracy, Andrew in his blurry magic