Thursday, December 29, 2011

HP Monopoly - AKA World's Awesomest Christmas Present

The one and only copy - and it's all mine :)

So I got a sweet gift for Christmas this year. My very own one of a kind designed just for me because I am kinda obsessed with Harry Potter - Monopoly game. Yea it's soo sweet. Ok no more words, I'll just let the pics do the rest of the boasting:

The board
Close up on Monopoly man...PS check his forehead

My favorite spot - Free Parking Knight Bus (genius right?)

Azkaban (Jail), and Diagon Alley. I love the Owl for the Eeylops Owl Emporium

A Dementor sends you to Azkaban and Hagrid's Hut to his left

The Flying Ford Anglia, Floo Network and Mad Eye's Eye! So clever.

Community Chess cards became Spell Cards

Chance cards became Potions cards (check out Grawp)

My favorites of the bunch

Property Cards

Oh and of course all credit goes to BOTY (boyfriend of the year) Robbie Collett. He knows me well.


heidikins said...

This is the most brilliant thing I have ever seen. BOTY gets a gold medal!


Gracie Girl said...


Gracie Girl said...

I what one, where can i get one...? :D XX

Froschkönig said...

I reaaaaaaaaaaaally want to have this one! I think your bf should make more of them and sell them.. no matter how much, there would be thousands of people who buy them, I bet..