Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Title Sequence Swoon

I am one of those geeky movie-goers that likes to be in my seat for the previews and is one of the last remaining when the pimply nosed attendant comes in to sweep up the popcorn and soda. You may quess it is because I am cheap and want to get my full $8 worth... or that I have an obsession with movie credits.  You would be more correct with the latter.

It first began with Lemony Snicket:

Which then led to Catch me if you can:

and then Casino Royale

Anyways you get the picture.  Now I will just roundup some of the awesome credits I have found so you can waste the rest of your afternoon wishing you were either watching a movie or creating credits for one.
Enjoy :)

Sherlock Holmes

Napoleon Dynamite


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Clint Eastwood is the man)

The Pink Panther 1963

Spiderman 2

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

And the best for last: Charade

I wish I could have found Kung Fu Panda but no one wants to let me embed that one.
You will just have to go see it here.


tara said...

Every time I read your blog I'm reminded how much I adore you. AMEN, AMEN & AMEN to what you just said. Sherlock is my favorite!!!

Laurie S said...

I dig your style, chica.

Brunette said...

Why thank you ladies :)