Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Currently Reading: Mockingjay


Have you heard of the Hunger Games series?  If you haven't than feel free to bring me a delicious plate of goodies for recommending them.  They are awesome.  It's like Ayn Rand and George Orwell decided to have tea and crumpets and lighten up their moods a bit while adding a love triangle that even werewolves and vampires can't shake a stick at...

The third, Mockingjay came out on Tuesday.  We, (my roomies and I) may or may not have joined the other teens at the midnight release party.  How old am I again?

Anyways, I think the cover art rocks.  Especially on The Hunger Games.  I think it alludes pretty well to the feel of the book.  Agree, disagree?

Buy them herehere, and here.

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T.Brown said...

I friggin love these books. SO much that I am concepting them out for a movie project.... I wish for reals, but as my application to Art center's entertainment design program. They Are awesome. I love Mockingjay's cover the best personally. The books are really really deep , yet easy to read and grasp. Love them..