Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I have often wondered why I, along with the majority of the world have such a strong innate desire to create something from nothing. Lots of times it comes as this intense eagerness, almost a need, to organize unorganized matter into something beautiful, inspirational and aesthetic. It seems to stir up emotions within me that I cannot seem to generate in any other way. So, it makes sense to me that we, the human race, were created by a higher power. That humans are the greatest organization of unorganized matter and that because we are the product of the ultimate source of creativity, we inherit a seed of creativity and the desire to produce things of beauty as a genetic trait within us all, that drives us to make, and do, and beautify. This propensity within us, can recognize and appreciate fundamentally when someone else creates, produces and beautifies because our own bodies react to it in a harmonious, almost divine way.

Jenedy Paige

I have had numerous discussions about this topic with various other creative types--musicians, writers, photographers, filmmakers, architects, sculptures, and even doctors-- and the one thing I have noticed with others that are drawn to the arts is that they cannot stifle their urge, dare we say compulsion, or their appetite for creation or they feel as if their lives are not satisfied. It's not something they can pinpoint logically, but more of a feeling, an ambition, or almost an unmeasurable energy within themselves. Its an interesting thing to think about especially considering the public school systems continual push to gradually smother out the arts and put more emphasis on more analytical subjects. If we extinguish the creative flame we may be extinguishing the light of our soul.

The movie was produced by my faith www.lds.org and the picture is by a fellow artist, and lover of all things creative Jenedy Paige.


Ashley Stolworthy said...

Amen. And amen. I love this video montage. Thanks for reminder to watch it again and for being a conduit of beautiful creativity in my life. :)

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