Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dress ups never looked so good

Well I have been a BUSY, busy girl the last few months and will have plenty of things to post coming up because of all my diligent efforts. First of all I wanted to share a project that has been in the works for the last year (count em' 365! Whew!) I have posted a bit about Style Paige before but now that things are officially underway and product is arriving I can let loose on y'all.

What is Style Paige? A amazing new dress up company born and bread right here in my hometown of Centerville, Utah. Its genius I tell you, genius.

First off, let me introduce the Shailie Starter:

Why hello there pretty pink dress --> :)

This adorable little number is the backbone product of the Style Paige line. Now what is Shailie you ask? It is no ordinary dress up... From the innerworkings of the lovely and O'so talented duo Kari and Connie (my lovely employers) comes a dress up that comes in pieces. In pieces?? Yep.

First you start off with this adorableness:
Its a pink and white polka dotted dressform (childsize of course)for those of you not in the know. Basically its a piece of furniture-yes it is that big.

Then you add on this magical top and skirt called the Base top and skirt that are covered in strips of velcro to attach the previously mentioned dress up pieces! That's Aubrey there showing us just how it works.

Well anyways the awesome thing about it is that you can design on the dress form and when you are done you can take it off and wear it! -------------------->

Or you can design right on your live model! Oh the cuteness just kills me...still! And I have been working on this for a long long time.

So you are probably wondering what I had to do with this project. Well Kari and Connie approached me a year ago to design them a logo, and then that turned into designing catalogs, then photoshoots, than packaging and flyers and press kits and, and, and.... Well you get the idea. Basically I have become the go-to girl for all things design. The lovely bit of it all is that I can go ape wild with all the little girl fantasies that have been bottled up since becoming a full fledged adult. Just letting it all go. Pink and frills and fuss and all that jazz. In my quest for maturity I have generally surpressed my urge to caress ribbons and adorn all things with pink or mix patterns in absurd ways but suddenly (and refreshingly) I was given the opportunity to just embrace that side of me. The joy! It has been a great year needless to say.
OH and did I mention that you can mix and match the pieces and create 100s if not 1000s of different dresses from just one dress?? Plus they have other dress kits that you can buy to add on to your original starter...

These are the Pink Princess, the Prom, and the Fairy. Oh but don't worry. Style Paige is planning on launching new dresses periodically so your collection can grow and grow and grow until you have dress up mayhem.

Now I know you are just squirming in your seats wondering how you can get your hands on one of these for your daughter for Christmas. Have no fear - Shailie will be on sale through FAO Schwartz Catalog and other various local retails for Christmas 2009! Woot Woot! The Style Paige Website is still under construction but when that is up and running they will be selling it online there also. Stay tuned for links and such.

Ok I will post more later this week of what I did for the project, along with a few illustration jobs I have had. I promise I will be better with this blogging thing...

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Sheyna said...

I almost think you should go into advertising as well. Your hidden talent of selling a product is coming out. :) Exciting stuff!!