Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lola's Exercise Diaries

Hey y'all, one of my old roomies, Laura Garner (Wright) has started a exercise and personal training business called Lola's Exercise Diaries. This woman is a beast in the gym, and I mean that to its extreme. And she has more willpower than anyone I have ever met. Living with her was a constant reminder of my very sad attempts to make the most of my squishy body. She is just chuck full of good advice and can motivate even the wimpyist of wimps.

Anyways, she asked me to design her logo, business card and blog. What a great project! I love this kind of stuff. It was an awesome project and I hope it helps propel her into getting more clients and more biz. Check out her site!
Lola's Exercise Blog


tara said...

I checked out the website and it looks great! Full of awesome advice too! Good work Ash!

Lola said...

I still spend half the time looking at the blog thinking of how amazing all your pictures look! I'm glad to know someone so talented! Thanks Ash!

Josh said...

nice work ash! and thanks for name dropping with that art director. i appreciate it.