Sunday, June 1, 2008

Design Squares

So I have noticed that while painting for hours at a time I get a little antsy. I don't know what it is, if I am bored of the current painting, am tired of sitting in my bedroom day in and day out (I swear sometimes I can stay a consecutive 24 hours without even leaving my house...), or if I just need a break from Illustration work but I found I needed a little something to help break up the day. I was flipping through my old school sketchbooks and ran into a bunch of random designs I made for my intro to graphic design class. Since I am always trying to use up my paint before it dries out too much I decided it would be a fun break to start painting the little square designs and collecting them for some sort of sweet graphic wall covering for my room. It gives me a nice refreshing break to do something with no deadline, plus they are so cool!


Manelle said...

I like them. I usually go to the library when I need a break. Maybe I should try something like this.

Darby said...

super cool! Hey i need your updated email address, the one i have got bounced back to me. Thanks :)