Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Figure Drawing Dump #1 2007

So this weekend I headed down to UVU for a Children's Writers and Illustrator's Conference and I had a great time! I got to meet some great artists David Small, Will Terry, Guy Francis, and Nathan Hale. I also met up with my friend Jen Tolman from college and I also got to meet some fellow bloggers. It was a great weekend.
Well part of the conference there was a figure drawing workshop. While taking pics of my drawings I decided to take pictures of the rest of my figure drawings for digitizing purposes. After rifling through MOUNDS of figure drawings I decided to just take pictures of the following because they where either somewhat decent or they held some sort of meaning to me.
I also realized this weekend that if there was a profession where you just got to draw figures all day every day then that would be my dream job....o wait there is.....a figure drawing teacher.....hmmmm

These are from the conference:

Here are some old ones from school:

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