Thursday, February 28, 2008

5 Random Things About Me

So I have been tagged by Manelle Oliphant to say five random/interesting things about myself and though it is not quite my fancy to do these kinds of things, it has been ages since my last post so I thought I would give it a shot. Oh and check out Manelle's blog and thanks for taggin' me!

Ok so I chose to post my favoritest things in the whole wide world. Sketching today got me thinking about what I absolutely loved the most...

Favorite #1:
Well it's more of an obsession really. For mermaids. Yes I know, "Ashley that is quite ridiculous, isn't that something you grow out of?" you might say or, "perhaps mythical mer-creatures are not quite healthy for the psyche, lets move onto something more believable such as REAL things like goldfish or dolphins to obsess over..." Oh no, I will forever adore and lust after those ethereal creatures....sigh....if only I had a tail....

In high school I flirted with being on the swim team for a season. Flirted in that I absolutely HATED 4:30 a.m. practice so I only managed to make it to afternoon practice, therefor making me the best slacker and slowest swimmer on the team. It felt nothing like being a mermaid.

Favorite #2:
Sweets. Well actually I prefer chocolate goodness above all confections but really any sweet will do if I don't have any. It is part of being a "SMITH" I suppose and I am afraid it is starting to show in the waistline. At least I don't mind the gym, otherwise my life would be sad, lonely and chocolateless rather than happy, delicious and in chocolatebliss. The girl below is me in my perfect world.
Oh! and I also absolutely love to bake. That comes from my mother who is the master of highly caloric goodies. I will try out every recipe I can and in another life I would've loved to be a pastry chef. Well I guess there is still time....hmmmm

Favorite #3:
Volleyball. I love this sport. Maybe it is the girl in me who despises individual sports (see swim ref. above) or the inner beast who just LOVES to spike it in the blockers faces...grrr

Favorite #4:
So you really didn't think that I would leave out something to do with art did you? Ok out of all the aspects of art that I adore, it is character design that I love the most. My sketch books are littered with random characters and not much else. Here is my latest one of a little Indian dude that I designed for a children's book that I am writing and illustrating (for fun people geesh, don't get all excited). Oh and he needs a name. Something better than "Boy who throws Tomahawk" which my 3 year old niece came up with. Thanks Linds, I really do appreciate your advice.

Favorite #5:
Colin Firth....sigh....what a dreamboat. If there was any man who was perfect it would be Colin. Since the very first viewing of A&E's Pride and Prejudice (yep all 5 hours...) Colin has filled my dreams and my heart. Too bad he is old enough to be my dad. From first glance I have been secretly in love (well not so secret with my sisters, they all share the same passion) with Mr. Darcy, and every movie he is in turns to gold in my hands. I guess it goes to show that tall, dark and handsome really is my type. I was going to sketch him but it probably just wouldn't have done him justice, so well here you go.
Go ahead ladies....drool

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Manelle said...

I'm drooling. Maybe I'll just have to go watch Pride and Prejudice right now.
Besides that, I really love your sketches, and I also love chocolate, so Lets be friends. Best friends.
(okay okay so that last line is from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory it fit so well right there had to use it.)
Love your stuff.