Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Just for fun

Here is a fun little piece I did tonight in attempt to mimic my traditional style digitally....and I kinda like it. He doesn't have a name or a story yet so if you have any suggestions let me know..


afton said...

oh my gosh, he is sooooo cute!!
he looks like a tommy. he was scared of drowning in the swimming pool, so he put on lots of floaties and held a balloon to help him stay up. the balloon carried him away.

the end.

Abbster said...

ROCK ON ASH!! The raccoon is so awesome. He Rox my sox! See you at the SFR! Abbster

Hola! I am Abby's Best Friend ever! No...I am not spanish. Just because I said hola doesn't mean I am spanish. Gosh! Just kidding.
~Jenna M.

Yay... Jenna is a little hyper sometimes... but keep on rockin'

Abby :)

Tracy said...

This is precious! Great work :)

Michelle Lana said...

Very cute!

Joe LeDosquet said...

Ok, Artex, I got a story for you. His name is Carl and he has a major fear of drowning...IN DIRT. So OBVIOUSLY he has to protect himself from this very real danger with many flotation devices filled with helium to forever keep him suspended above the perilous ground that threatens to suffocate him.

By the way, I think the illustration is great.