Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Golden Goose Traditional

This is obviously a repeat of the last post but it has a few differences....can you see them? I painted this piece traditionally also to see what kind of differences there would be in my traditional work and my digital. I am still more attached to my traditional work but digital is still fun to mess around with. I swear though, if I have to paint another glowing egg I could scream bloody murder. Watch, after this I will get multiple glowing egg commissions where I have to paint them enough times that I consider tattooing "Queen of Eggs" on my buttocks. Ok maybe not but I just threw that in there to see if you were paying attention.


afton said...

Yeah, thanks...I was paying attention.
Oh my freakin' gosh, that's freakishly amazing!! The egg is like blinding me.

Shaun Williams said...

Hm, buttocks... your rear hurt after you had been sitting for a long time? I would love to do the same thing, traditional of a digital. We'll see. looks good. Don't rely on the red too much, at least the concept of outlining everything...your work is stronger than that. It looks great both ways though. Good work.

Jen Izu said...

Ooh, very cool. I like them both! However, you definitely feel more depth and "glowing egg contrast" (that's a technical art term, don't bother yourself with it) on the traditional one. The whites (of their eyes) are even whiter. I can't wait to see this one in person.